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Weekly Classes and Ceremonies

Riwotsegya offers a variety of different classes, which require individual commitments that we are suggested meet so that we can learn to become more peaceful and at ease in order to bring greater benefit to ourselves and those around us. All levels include various approaches to meditation. Currently, these classes are held on Saturdays and will also sometimes alternate to bi-monthly 


Mind practice   (Ah Practice)






We also Bi-monthly offer to Tsok or ceremonies. They are Padmasambhava (tsok) Ceremony and Dakini (tsok) Ceremony. Tsok is a practice of giving or charity this is a most valuable practice to help pacify the some of the mental aggregates that cause us great suffering. Guru Rinpoche said to make an offering to a statue of me that has been blessed with pure intentions is to make an offering directly to me. All dates will be added to the calendar please if you are not on the mailing list please send a request to the email listed on our contact page