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Riwotsegya Center Renovation Project


Dear Students, Followers and Interested of Tibetan Buddhism

Our Not-For-Profit Organization named RiwoTsegya Throma Buddhist Institute follows Dudjom Tersar Lineage of the Nyingma school under the guidance of Ven. Rangrig Rinpoche ( riwotsegya.ca)

Recently we bought the land that is located on the beautiful 10-acre wooded lot located between Niagara Falls and Fort Erie with the marina just around the corner.

 We vision that this land becomes a centre for all the Buddhist and Non-Buddhist practitioners. There we could meet, study and practice meditation, Buddhist Teaching, and different kinds of Tibetan art to let our compassion and awareness flourish.

We want to improve the land that includes clearing the wood and hydro installation. We want to do as much as possible by ourselves but the cost of tools + service charge is about $1000.

On the full moon day, we visited the land and put up the prayer flags, did the fire ceremony and buried the vase for land protectors. 

We are young and small organization but with your support, we can grow and develop to benefit all sentient beings.

Please remember that every dollar counts! make a further development donation by clicking here


Our land is located at 1850 Eagle street (just look for loongta/prayer flags). 

This is an untraveled road so please make take a moment to assess the solidity of the road as there is a possibility of your vehicle getting stuck. 

 if you wish to donate and support the land project please click here