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The Stupa Projects of Riwotsegya

Eastern Ontario Stupa Project (Completed)

A letter from the Venerable Rangrig Rinpoche:
The Stupa of the Awakening through Sutra-and-Mantra
The Lord, the Bhagavat, is the Master of the teachings of Sutra and Mantra:
And for the purpose of these Sutra and Mantra teachings to last forever
There is this great Stupa of the Sugata: a heart-locus of Sutra and Mantra,
In this Stupa of the Awakening through Sutra-and-Mantra I take refuge
And so with the offering of this spoken verse…. in the expansive upper reach of Jambudvipa’s globe in the extensive North American country of Canada and its eminent region of Toronto: for the first time there is a tangible manifestation of the highest qualities of the Buddha’s Mind which I have adorned with the holy name:
“The Stupa of the Awakening through Sutra-and-Mantra”.
This Stupa -of the Awakening that conquers delusion- is of a good size: nine feet in height with a width of seven and is sponsored by Sasha, Yulia and their family upon which they have already started construction with assistance from the Canadian Throma Sangha for ritual requirements and additional needs.
You who have positive faith and merit can also make a positive connection through your assistance, which will be applied solely and completely to this project. These kinds of connections will have the same eventual result of the goal of enlightenment. My vision is here to build this extraordinary and holy support so that the ensuing merit and roots of happiness give rise to the precious awakening of all our mothers: sentient beings as numberless as the sky is vast; that all of the countries of our world -especially Canada- never experience calamities arising from the four elements, illness, famine and discord; that there be.



Western Ontario Stupa Project (Completed)

Hello, I Currently live in Acton Ontario Canada and I am an active member of great Dudjom Tersar Buddhist group in Toronto. We had the idea of Building a Stupa in our community and with our Rinpoche’s blessing we started the construction this year.  Personally, as a practitioner I truly believe in the benefits of Stupas to help others heal and make positive changes, we truly feel honoured to have this opportunity. Also for those who are interested in the benefits of building a stupa are listed bellow written by His Holiness Chatral Sangye Dorje Rinpoche. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this all the best to you and may we all be free. Sarva Mangalam (“May all beings be happy” )