Voluntary Contributions


Contributions and donations ensure that our centre can operate on a day to day basis to cover general expenses of maintaining a dharma centre: offerings of all kinds, administrative items, communication services, and general maintenance. All funds are used solely for the fulfilment of our mission, to promote and preserve the ancient Buddhist yogic tradition through projects and activities. All activities are run by volunteers so administrative costs are very reasonable. Most importantly, your generous contributions help create a home base for Tulku Rinpoche and Rinpoche’s Dharma activities.

 With gratitude and appreciation, we wish to thank you for your trust and commitment in our mission. Your generosity accumulates great merit by accomplishing Dharma activities to serve beings now and for generations to come.

To make a donation:

By Paypal ~ please click DONATION PAGE link below.  Please state the purpose of donation in the message area on Paypal transaction page.


By cheque or money order ~ please state the purpose of funds in the memo area.  If you choose not to specify a purpose, your donation will be used for the most necessary project or need.

To support the continuous spreading of the Dharma for countless generations, it is vital that we join together – students, family, friends – to assume responsibility for our precious Dharma centre.  Please try to commit to renewing your contribution or to becoming a member today.  A special thank you to all those able to give monthly support.

  • Members (suggested)     * Individual   $30/month     * Couples and Families  $50/month
  • Rituals and Projects – by special request, please contact us.
  • Retreats – look for upcoming retreats on our website – contribution details will be posted there.

Tashi Delek!

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