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Thangka Printing Service

We happy to announce that we have set up a link to a service for Thangkas to be printed by Sangha members, this a great aide in your generation practice. The Thangka can be blessed by Venerable Dungse Rangrig Rinpoche (Dana is most welcome), Rinpoche has also mentioned that the quality of the material is good.  The material is burlap cotton and will allow you to add a wooden rod dowel and the traditional metal carved ends. This type of Thangka will last a long time and there is no paint that will come off.

  1. download the image from google drive (link below)
  2. upload image to service
  3. make choice for canvas printing https://www.bannerbuzz.ca/canvas-banners.html
  4. choose height 3 and width 2 (this will allow for upper and lower pole pockets), you can also choose to have no pole pockets. (The default setting is Height 2 width 3 this would be a landscape image)
  5. choose design online, then choose online tool option, click to register
  6. in the design, panel choose upload image, then click at the bottom align image (you can drag it to the edge)
  7. Then click done when center as you wish, next choose finish option pole pockets
  8. underneath it will say pole pockets choose top and bottom.
  9. if you wish to have the best colour choose PMS colour match
  10. click add to cart then enter your payment options and shipping

Choose image here