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Monthly membership contributions


For one time contributions or optional individual monthly.

By choosing the subscribe option you will automatically contribute to the Sangha for 12 months. The amount is CAD $20.95 (this includes paypal service charge .95) per month Thank You for supporting our Sangha.


Projects and Support

The financial support the Institute projects  is warmly welcomed.

Supporting  donations/contributions options

  1. Monthly
  2. Annually
  3. Per project or event


  1. A  person may support any of the following activities/items:
  • Group Dharma practices: retreats, teaching sessions
  • Buying or making ritual supplies including Tsok offerings, flowers, candles, tsampa, incense, and other items
  • Translations, printing texts, presentation materials, creating an electronic library
  • Providing audio teaching sessions using special channels  
  • Developing the retreat land
  • Maintaining the website  
  • Building Stupas
  • Individual practice of Institute members.

Land development 

Support a retreatant (private retreats)

Support our teachers/ or students trip to Nepal

Support a retreat