Business helping Dharma

Generousity of Business helping Dharma

Business helping Dharma for Canada Throma Sangha ,  We are a Nyingmapa Buddhist group located in Toronto Ontario Canada. We have created this page to bring awareness to others in the community. We are grateful for the members and non-members through their action of selfless charity are contributing to change within the Sangha, that have chosen to give a portion of the salary, wage or lump sum. Our goal is to raise funds to purchase land to build a Dharma center so that practitioners and others can learn about and practice dharma in the way that best suits their needs. Thank you to everyone who has helped

Julia Jikova Donating up to 50% of Salary


Sasha Zhytkou Donating up to 20% of Salary



 This is a one time donation

 This option will let you set the amount of a monthly donation