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Dudjom Tersar Rangrig Dechen Tse Canda Throma Sangha The 3rd Tsokhag Choktrul Urgyen Dhimed Rinpoche, Venerable Rangrig Rinpoche
Dudjom Tersar Throma nagmo Troma nagmo Rangrig Rinpoche


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Atiyana Dzogchen Dudjom Tersar, the two most sacred Dharma Centres in the upper land of Holy mountain Ghang Tesie (Mount Kailash), Namkha Khyung Dzong and Rivo Tsegya.

The Dharma was expanded and developed in the southland of Mount Kailash and in Nepal with the great compassion and kindness of the grateful holy masters specially Tsokhang Choktrul Tsewang Rinpoche.

The 3rd Tsokhag Choktrul Urgyen Dhimed Rinpoche with his dedication towards the Dharma blessed to develop and open the New Dudjom Tersar Throma Nagmo Sangha in Canada to bring peace and harmony.

Tsokhang Choktrul Rinpoche motivates to preserve the historic teachings, practice lineages, culture and to plant the best seed of wisdom in the wisdom field, grants an opportunity to consume the grown wisdom forever and expand to the rest of the world and beyond. May this grown wisdom field continue to serve all sentient beings as long as the natural elements shall last.

May the Dharma expand and develop not only in our world but to the 10 directions beyond our world and universe. May all the sentient beings attain enlightenment at the same time.

Written by Ven. Rangrig Rinpoche on this very auspicious Dakini day, the creation of the new website for Dudjom Tersar Throma Sangha Canada. Tibetan Lunar Calendar 12month/25day/2139 the year of the Water Dragon (Feb/5/2013)

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